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PeopleBank provide a complete range of fully customised solutions to attract and recruit the best new talent, whilst significantly reducing your Cost Per Hire and Time To Hire.

PeopleBank is the UK's most experienced provider of Talent Banking, e-Recruitment and Applicant Tracking Solutions, with particular strengths in Talent Attraction and Candidate Experience. Our Recruitment Management Solutions delivers significant reductions in time spent on the recruitment process, direct and indirect costs incurred, and at the same time increases the quality of candidates you are seeing. By improving your online Employer Branding and managing all your applicants through one portal, no matter where they came from, you get to see the best talent faster. As your unique Talent Bank grows, you become less dependent on expensive advertising campaigns and recruitment agencies and your cost per hire and time to hire are reduced significantly.

We can provide your company with a fully customised solution starting at Talent Attraction, through your dedicated Candidate and Career Portals, incorporating an easy to use e-Recruitment and Applicant Tracking System, complemented with our unique comprehensive search facility for your company's Talent Bank, and ending with Data Exporting to any of your other HR solutions. With our fully flexible modular solutions we can provide all of this functionality from day one, or start with a simple but still very powerful solution and have it grow as your company does.

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  • 2010 / 11 / 8 PeopleBank launches new Visual Identity for our Brand including a new website.
  • 2010 / 08 / 20 PeopleBank are pleased to welcome two new members of staff to the team.
  • 2010 / 06 / 01 PeopleBank are delighted to welcome on-board our new hospitality and retail customers!
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