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What Makes Valor Hospitality Stand Out?

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In the service industry, it's imperative to have a “people first” approach to hospitality. What makes Valor different is the people we hire. Our success is clearly defined by our employees and we’ve reimagined what hospitality means by selecting the right detail-oriented candidates.

Our teams members enjoy their work and take pride in providing an unparalleled customer service experience. Across the board, our employees are compensated with great benefits, unique opportunities, and unlimited potential for growth.

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Valor Evolution

The starting point for Valor was like most entrepreneurial companies, yet our evolution and who we are is about creating something that has never been created before.

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Reimagining Hospitality

Valor Hospitality manages over 40 hotels around the globe. We have headquarters in the US, UK, South Africa, Asia, and The Middle East. Each hotel provides a unique guest experience certain to go above and beyond your expectations.

With each one of our hotels, our business model is simple. We're in the people business. Keeping guests happy and coming back year-after-year is our benchmark for success. Hospitality is a universal language and our guests will tell you—we're fluent across the globe.

The Evolution of

We have a simple philosophy. Unique and results driven through a team of inspired and energetic individuals who love doing what they have a passion and enthusiasm for, take accountability and initiative, feel valued, listened to and with the ability to make important, relevant and imaginative decisions, that can differ from the norm.

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As the face of the brand, our enthusiastic ambassadors are excited to come to work and look forward to making new connections each day. They find enjoyment in making a lasting impression with guests and colleagues alike.



Our team members' authenticity and integrity are instrumental to our success. They believe in what they do and are always honest, respectful and sincere. They're confident in their role and service with a smile, is like second nature.



A Valor team member always leads by example and people want to follow suit. They're always willing to lend a hand to someone in need and jump in where need be. And never shy away from a challenge.



Having a positive attitude is key. And contagious. High energy and good vibes are palpable throughout the workplace and it shows. We're curious by nature, always eager to embrace culture and quick on our feet when we need to act fast.



Attention to detail is crucial and we're no stranger to the fine-toothed comb. In our business, we're focused and driven to deliver top-notch service and we always follow through with a promise. We thrive on innovation and understand there's always room to improve.