We are a cutting edge Hospitality Management Company.

TROO HOSPITALITY is an exciting hospitality joint venture founded by a highly experienced team of international hotel operators.


Discounted hotel rates

Team Member and Friend and Family Discounted Hotel Rates

Meals provided on duty

Meals provided on duty

Assistant and wellbeing scheme

Employee Assistant Program & Wellbeing scheme

Team member development programs

Team Member Development Programs

Rewards and celebrations

Recognition Rewards and Celebrations


Equality, inclusion and diversity are at the heart of our Team policy.

We will actively support equality, diversity and inclusion and ensure that all our employees are valued and treated with dignity and respect.

We want to encourage everyone in our business to reach their potential.

We will maintain a neutral working environment in which no team member feels under threat or intimidated.



To be as TROO to the planet as physically possible while pushing the boundaries in operational practices that embody sustainability.

Long term vs Short Term

TROO will take a long term approach to sustainability in conjunction with the vision of the owners of the properties we are entrusted to manage.

TROO works with industry specialist ‘Zellar’ in order to help identify areas of improvement in the sus-tainability space.


Investing in energy efficiency green technologies to reduce our energy consumption

Transitioning our energy supply contracts to utilise renewable electricity (non greenwashed)

Reviewing our supply chain to move towards suppliers who are actively reducing their environmental impact

Enabling our employees to become involved in volunteering projects, some of which are focussed on bio-diversity


Promoting customer and team travel options which minimises their environmental impact such as public transport and car sharing schemes

Providing our TROOPS with workplace cycling schemes

Sustainability Officer

Having a Sustainability Officer responsible for the continual improvement of our sustainability performance and keeping the Zellar platform up to date

Comply with UK government legislation with regards to environmental reporting and performance