Your Development

Chef Academy

By putting dedicated focus and resources into developing our Chef Academy, we are now able to offer our chefs the opportunity to gain formal qualifications whilst working. Our Chef Academy has been designed to support our chef’s development, improve their skills and knowledge, and offer clear, tangible and exciting lines of career progression.

Due to all our kitchens and food menus being so different, we offer a range of courses to suit all experience levels. And by partnering with HIT Training, we’re able to create bespoke learning journeys that are tailored to individual needs. With only 6-10 off-site workshops throughout the year, the Academy really focuses on a hands-on, learn by doing, on-job approach.

We are proud to have taken our training to another level and be able to enhance the skills of our teams and develop from within!

We currently offer 3 levels:

  1. Intermediate: This is a 12-18 month programme where Academy members work towards a Level Two Apprenticeship Standard.
  2. Advanced: This is an 18-24 month programme where Academy members work towards a Level Three Apprenticeship Standard.
  3. Senior: Our Senior Chef Development Programme (or SCDP) is a 12month programme and was developed in-house due to the absence of a level Five qualification at the time. This ten-module course has been designed to give our senior chefs all the tools they need to run a successful kitchen. This one is all about business and leadership.

All our Academy Members are chosen through a fair and equal selection process that assesses not only their current skill level, but predominantly their commitment to learning, the course and their own development.

Our Management Development Programme

Here at The City Pub Group we aim to grow and develop our General Managers from within, and therefore massively invest in our Assistant and Junior General Managers.

Our hugely successful Management Development Programme (or MDP for short) is now in its 4th year, and has already equipped dozens of our senior AMs with all the necessary skills they need to take that all important step into their first GM role.

This year long programme takes a blended approach to learning and includes work-based projects, online modules, and face to face classroom workshops. Each module has an associated piece of site-based coursework and the programme concludes with a presentation to the directors and a graduation celebration dinner.

Whilst the course requires commitment, accountability, proactivity and a desire to learn, we are there to support you in achieving your goals, unlocking your potential and helping you take your career to the next level!

We recognise how vital it is to develop our people and as we grow, our family will flourish, and so can you.