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The Role


1. To observe all security, health and safety regulations.

2. To have a working knowledge of the hotel’s fire procedure, and act accordingly.

3. To be polite and courteous at all times.

4. To answer all telephones promptly and efficiently.

5. To be fully conversant with check-in procedures.

6. To know the current day’s availability.

7. To be aware of all hotel facilities and services offered.

8. To adhere to all hotel credit policies, taking care with chance or unconfirmed


9. To file all new arrival registration cards after they have been checked.

10. To be responsible for guest valuables as per safety deposit box procedures.

11. To be fully conversant with check-out procedures.

12. To take full responsibility for any cash float used on a shift and for any banking


13. To post all dockets as they reach reception without delay.

14. To understand the signing in and out procedures.

15. To present all account to company bills with acceptable back up.

16. To be aware of major currencies exchanged at the hotel, and the correct procedure


17. To deal with all guest grievances or complaints and if necessary gain the assistance

of a more senior staff member.

18. To undertake any other reasonable duties as directed by senior Reception staff or


ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: (These responsibilities are mandatory to all positions)

1. To attend all departmental meetings, briefings & internal or external training sessions

as required.

2. To act wholeheartedly in the interests of the Company at all times & not to perform,

arrange or carry out any work or activity which could be considered to be in

competition with or affect in any way the company interests or be detrimental or

damaging to it’s public image.

3. To ensure maximum efficiency, employees are engaged on the basis that they must

be prepared to undertake reasonable duties other than those for which they have

been specifically engaged.

4. All employees are expected to co-operate with the management, to ensure the

successful application of the Company’s Equal Opportunities & Harassment policies.

5. To carry out any reasonable & lawful direct instruction given by a Head of

Department / Assistant / Manager or Director during working hours.

The Hotel

Innside is not just a place, a formula or a building; it is a way of life. If you’d enjoy working in a modern, sophisticated environment, where design fuses with the latest trends creating memories which outlive your stay; and if you’d like to be part of an innovative, urban brand, delivering individual, professional and personalised service then there is no doubt about it: Innside Hotels is the brand for you.

INNSIDE Manchester, a 4-star contemporary hotel in a stunning new building in the vibrant First Street development located in the heart of Manchester with close proximity to the cosmopolitan shopping area and business districts. Due to the success across Europe INNSIDE Manchester is the first in the UK.

INNSIDE Manchester boasts 208 spacious, modern guest rooms along with a unique food concept where diners can enjoy a contemporary approach to Mediterranean dishes based on their moods. In addition, the Wellness Suite offering Finnish sauna, aromatic steam room, gym & relaxation area creates a destination perfect for both business and leisure travellers. Our Bleisure Travellers!


BlueSky Pnesion Scheme , Medical Benefit Scheme , staff rate discounts


£15750 - £15750